Bare Down There Waxing

Waxing is our passion.  We LOVE it.  We get rave reviews (currently 711+ five star reviews on the online booking site) from our clients and look forward to providing everyone with an excellent experience.  Our goal is to provide you with the time needed to feel comfortable at your waxing.  We do not cram appointments together or rush you through the process.  Each client is important to us and we take this very personally.  Please feel free to ask if you have waxing special requests or questions. Providing excellent client service is our top priority.  

Questions we've been asked...

Does it hurt?  

Yes, it is likely to hurt... but it's manageable.  Most people say "That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be."

If you or one of your friends experienced a horrible waxing we would venture to guess it had a lot to do with the esthetician's comfort level and experience, along with the quality of the wax they used.  These two factors alone are the leading cause of poor waxing experiences.  We have performed no less than 4000 Brazilian waxes... we know what we're doing.

The pain involved with waxing can be slight or severe and can continue for from several seconds to minutes.  Clients experience less pain during subsequent treatments.  It is important to not abandon waxing after your first appointment!  It usually takes 2-3 appointments to get into a rhythm and really experience the true benefits of waxing.

How often should I wax?

Every 4-6 weeks.  Or depending on how hairless you prefer to be, every 2-8 weeks.  It's better to wax at regular intervals because it's less painful, but you might be the one that wants to come in every 2 weeks or wait 8 weeks...its really up to you.

What is a...

Bikini wax- A bikini is essentially everything that would be outside the hem of a standard bikini or bathing suit, including the inner thigh and belly.  This is a great place to start if waxing scares the bejeezus out of you and you want to find out if you can handle it.

Extended Bikini wax-  This is like the regular Bikini, but further in.  It usually ends up as a "landing strip" or triangle patch being left on the pubis and a bit further in on the inner thigh.  It does not include most of the labia or backside.  Which leads us to the next question...

What is the "Backside"?

"I have hair back there???" We love this question... haa haa haa... Well, of course you do... everyone does.  The "backside" is exactly what it sounds like: your butt crack.  And having it waxed is awesome!

Brazilian wax-  "The Holy Grail of Waxing" ... "The Queen Mother of Hairlessness" ... "The wax that will make your boyfriend buy you diamonds!" Not really, but it's pretty danged awesome.  A Brazilian is everything: top, middle, backside, inner thighs and often the belly.  It's all included if you wax with us.  That being said, if you want a triangle or landing strip, we can do that.  We DO NOT do fancy shapes, stars or initials or butterflies or unicorns, that sort of silliness.  We'd have to charge out a lot for that sort of thing because of the time involved, and it just sorta seems lame to us.

Male Brazilians

All types of men are now having Brazilian wax treatments to satisfy their self-image and a smoother look.

The above benefits for men are equally desirable for women. Hence, the popularity of the male Brazilian wax is also due to women who suggest the idea to their partners.

We get lots of questions about male Brazilians, mostly from men that are nervous or anxious that they may get an erection during the procedure.  It happens all the time, and we simply ignore it.  While it may be embarrassing to you, it's not for us and we just keep working.  Of course this is not an excuse to do anything inappropriate...(to which you would suffer something that was embarrassing...)