We hear a lot that people have avoided getting waxed because they have sensitive skin and don’t want to have a painful experience. The good news is that we see people with sensitive skin all the time, and they keep coming back, mostly because they have taken their skincare into their own hands and have practiced best before and after care routines. 

Follow these tips before and after your wax to help avoid and alleviate pain, discomfort, and ingrown hairs.

Prepare for your wax

The best way to get your skin ready for a wax is to exfoliate with a dry-brush a day before your wax (don’t do it day of!). By using a dry brush on the area you’re getting waxed, you’ll remove any dead skin and actually help reduce discomfort. You should also avoid intense sun exposure, like tanning beds, 48 hours before and after your wax.

After care tips

Congrats, you made it! Aftercare is pretty easy. Avoid intense sun exposure (like tanning beds) for two days, and give your skin some love. With the magic of virgin coconut oil, you can invigorate, soften, and reduce inflammation of your skin. If you’re looking for something more “official” we recommend Finipil, an antiseptic cream that soothes your skin while protecting the empty hair follicle. Read more about our recommended products here

Choosing a salon

Another important thing to mention is that the quality of the wax used will greatly affect the amount of discomfort you have. At Bare Down There Waxing we only use NuFree – which isn’t a wax at all, so it doesn’t stick to your skin, reducing pain, discomfort and inflammation. Read more about how awesome NuFree is on our blog

With proper skincare, your waxing experience can be a great one! Believe us, we have MANY return customers. Check out our FAQ post for more info about your waxing experience!

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