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Why You Shouldn’t Wax at Home

From waxing strips, creams, and at home lasers it can be tempting to take your hair removal routine in-house. We’ve all heard horror stories, but what are the real risks of at home hair removal? We explore some reasons why you should avoid them here.



Products like Veet and Nair have been on shelves for generations. And one thing still holds true. The chemicals in these products are referred to as caustic (able to burn and currode organic tissue!) and there are countless stories about how these products have damaged skin and ruined summer vacations. The main culprit for burning the skin is the pH balance of these creams, and when put on more sensitive skin they can quickly become caustic. Not to mention the long list of other chemicals in these creams – point blank they are not good for your skin!


Leave it to the professional

There are reasons why estheticians go through rigorous training and practice before they earn their license. There is a correct and an incorrect way to wax, especially if you’re using a traditional wax. Those at home waxing strips may seem convenient but when used improperly, can cause real damage to your skin. Leave the waxing to us, and we’ll be sure to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and feeling great. 


Don’t waste your money

We’ve all seen those as-seen-on-tv ads for the convenient pocket sized hair removal lasers. On the lower cost side, $30 doesn’t seem all that bad for a semi-permanent hair removal system, but on the higher side, $250 is a big investment. And there’s a reason why we don’t all have these in our homes, they don’t really work! If you’re considering one of these systems make sure to check out the reviews and weigh the costs and benefits.


There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid at-home hair removal systems, but it really comes down to your safety and how you want to treat your skin. At Bare Down There Waxing we only use NuFree, an organic non-wax resin designed to be used all over the body. Take care of your skin and book with us!

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