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Four Waxing Mistakes

If you want to ensure that you wax is as least painful as possible and as effective as possible, then here are three waxing mistakes you want to avoid!

Drinking before waxing.

Some people think a shot of tequila will help minimize pain or at the very least help you forget your waxing experience. However, stimulates in alcohol (and caffeine!) will actually make your skin more sensitive and increase pain. Plus, you won’t really need it because of our awesome waxless wax! So switch out that tequila for water and help hydrate your skin instead!


Not letting your hair grow enough.

Some waxing salons will say that they can still wax you if your hair is less than ¼ inch. They might still wax you, but you will have stubble. A quarter inch of hair is the minimum length we recommend and if you shave, give your body at least two weeks before you plan to get a wax. 

Skipping exfoliating or moisturizing.

Before and after care is essential to a pain free, effective wax. If you want to reduce pain when waxing, you need to exfoliate the day before. And after your wax, use our recommended products and utilize that coconut oil to give your skin some much needed love!

Taking the winter off waxing.

We get it, when the weather turns cold and the bikinis come off you may skip a wax here and there. However, among other reasons, if you take a break from waxing, your hair will grow back more coarse, and therefore harder to pull out, ouch!


Make sure to avoid these mistakes, and book online today for your wax!

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