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Waxing Vocabulary

A helpful glossary of waxing terms

Landing strip, extended bikini, half arm oh my… Waxing vocabulary can be confusing at times. We’ve created this glossary so there’s no confusion about what’s going on. 

Brazilian Wax:

This means everything goes: top, middle, backside, inner thighs and often the belly.

Bikini Wax:

This will get you ready for swimsuit season by removing the hair on your bikini line. We don’t offer the basic bikini wax, but you may be interested in an extended bikini.

Extended Bikini:

This is as far in and down as you would like. It usually ends up as a “landing strip” or triangle patch being left on the pubis and a bit further in on the inner thigh. It does not include the labia or backside. You can add the backside when you book.

Landing Strip:

This is a common term to describe the shape of the hair after an extended bikini. 

Full Leg:

From ankle to butt cheek, both legs!

Half Leg: 

Usually this means the bottom half of your leg, but you can let us know if you prefer the other half!


This includes from the small of your back up to the base of your neck. If you want your shoulders too you can select ‘back and shoulders’ at checkout.

Full Face:

This would include waxing your upper lip, cheeks, chin, and your brows!

Full Arm:

From your wrist to the top of your bicep.

Half Arm:

This is usually the half from your elbow to your wrist, but you can also choose your upper arm if you’d like that instead.


We’ll shape your brows exactly how you’d like them and get rid of that pesky uni-brow.

Brow Tinting:

We’ll apply a gentle brow specific color to your brows to darken them after waxing. 


From your collarbone down under your breast.


Under your chin to the base of your neck.

Ears and Nose:

Yep, we can wax those! This process requires a hard wax that we’ll insert lightly into your ear or nose and wait for it to harden, and then remove quickly, along with the hairs. 


Waxing is a very personal experience and we’re here to help answer any questions you may have. Call or text us at 360-524-4177 and we’ll find out which service is right for you.

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