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Why You Won’t Want to Skip Your Winter Waxing

We get it, when the weather turns cold and the bikinis come off you may skip a wax here and there. However, this can actually hurt you in the long run (literally!) so check out these reasons why you won’t want to skip your winter wax. 


Consistency is Key

What’s great about waxing is that when you’re consistent, your hair grows back softer, less thick, and is easier to pull out. However, if you’re inconsistent with your wax and take frequent breaks, your hair will be more coarse and harder to pull out – resulting in more pain and discomfort!


Ingrown Hairs 

On the same note of consistency, a lot people experience more ingrown hairs when they’re inconsistent with their waxing routine. While your skincare routine greatly affects ingrown hairs, so does how often and consistent your wax is! Avoid those pesky ingrown hairs and keep up your routine. 


Slow Growing

You already know that your hair will grow back softer and thinner if you consistently get waxed, but you might not know is that your hair will also grow slower! If you want all your hard work from waxing in the summer to pay off, it means continuing your waxing in the winter. Trust us, getting back to that slow growing, soft, thin hair can take months!


As winter approaches you may be thinking of skipping your wax, but think twice about your routine and what’s best for your skin and your needs. We highly recommend continuing your waxing routine through the winter months so you’re not hurting when you come back!

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